Round-the-clock support for farms across Devon.

All of our veterinary team members are experienced farm vets, and offer a broad range of routine farm services and 24/7 ambulatory support.

We can perform a variety of tests using our portable diagnostic equipment and our in-house laboratory, and offer services such as vaccinations, parasite control, blood and metabolic profiling and mastitis management.

Our team also works closely with an external laboratory to provide individual profile panels and investigate problems such as abortion and respiratory issues.

Our Services

We can support farmers with every stage of reproduction and fertility, from performing bull and ram breeding soundness examinations to assess the productivity on the male side and modern ultrasound scanning equipment for pregnancy diagnosis, to calving, lambing and caesarean procedures when required.

We offer displaced abomasum, caesarean, dehorning, castration and vasectomy surgeries, to name but a few, and our health management programmes and herd and flock plans give you the chance to work alongside our team to improve the health, fertility and profitability of your farm.

We also run regular farmer’s evenings, where our farm clients can mingle, learn about the latest industry developments and listen to talks from our team and guest speakers.

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