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Jakes’ Braveheart


Jake is a very handsome 1 ½ year domestic short hair. Jake like most cats likes to go out and about exploring, when on his return one evening in December his owners noticed he was in considerable pain and was struggling to use his right leg and was bleeding from somewhere. They rushed him to the out of hour’s emergency service where Lizzy admitted him to the surgery for treatment. He was very shocked and in pain, he had an obvious wound to his lower abdomen and also was having difficulty in placing his right hind leg. He was placed on intravenous fluids, given pain relief and put on a heat mat in a padded kennel to stabilise overnight.

The following morning Jake had stabilised so he was anaesthetised and the damage assessed. He was exhibiting injuries consistent with a road traffic accident, including scuffed nails.  He had a large wound on his belly which needed to have the contaminated edges removed and be flushed before we could close the wound. As well as the wound there was massive bruising to this area, which would need close monitoring as sometimes bruising in this area can result in necrosis (death) of the surrounding tissues. The right leg was examined but there were no obvious wounds, and x-rays revealed no broken bones. He was woken from the anaesthetic and hospitalised for monitoring.

Jake remained in hospital for a few days and luckily his abdominal wound began healing, and there were no complications from the bruising. His right leg however was not bearing up so well…..

His foot had begun to swell and the foot felt cooler than the other feet, there was concern over the blood supply to the foot. A Doppler machine was used to detect blood flow in the foot and there was a faint pulse present. The decision was made to allow Jake to go home for convalescence and cage rest.  Poor Jake managed 2 days at home, before on Christmas day his owners noticed his foot had gone very hard and he was in some discomfort, he was readmitted to the surgery for reassessment.

Following further sedation it was discovered that during the injury to his abdomen and groin region the blood supply to his foot had been compromised and this was now resulting in the skin on his foot necrosing (dying.) We removed most of the skin from the top of Jakes hind foot and over his toes to allow the healthy tissue underneath the chance to heal. He was having the wound cleaned and dressed daily with a special hydrogel and mannuka honey mixture. To prevent things such as cat litter getting stuck to the wound Jake was fitted with some very fetching socks!

He is now receiving treatment both at home and the surgery, the wound needs time to granulate now, which is encourage by keeping the tissues moist, so he is having hydrogel applied twice daily by his owners, with a funky sock being placed over the top after. He is coming in for regular check-ups and treatment with our LED light laser, which is used to improve and increase healing time.

He still has a way to go, before his foot will be healed, but Jake has become a real favourite at the surgery. All the nurses have fallen in love with him, as no matter how much discomfort he was in he has never shown any aggression, he loves a cuddle and there was definitely no shortage of volunteers for them.